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About Yuri



                                 Full Name~    Joseco Yuri (surname first)

                                 Stats~  Power: **

                                              Speed: ***

                                              Smarts: ***

                                              Spirit: ****

                                              Lucky: **

Special Ability: Detector~  Yuri has the ability to feel out a person's chi.  After she has felt their chi, she can accurately tell what a person's special abilities are, if they have any, and can estimate what they're baseline stats are.  Also, after detecting someone, she can feel out the chi around her to tell where that person's location is.


Bio:  Yuri began attending Toriyama University the same year as Cherry.  She is currently a Sophmore that is studying computer science.  She met Cherry the very first week of their Freshman year, and they became fast friends.  She appears to have a crush on Cherry, but the nature of their relationship is still not certain.


Random Facts:  Yuri loves sushi, and usually eats it for lunch everyday. She lives in the dorms at Toriyama U, and is really good at video games.  Curiously, she almost always wears a white-collared, button-up shirt, and always has her right eye closed.




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