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About Kaira


                                 Full Name~ Sukomi Kaira (surname first)

                                 Stats~  Power:  **

                                              Speed:   **

                                              Smarts:  ?

                                              Spirit:   **

                                              Lucky:   ****



Special Ability:  Translator~  Kaira has the ability to understand any language, whether it be spoken or written.  This applies to any forms of communication.


Bio:  Kaira began attending Toriyama University so she could stay friends with Cherry.  She is a sophmore that is studying advanced mathematics.  Despite her very quirky and dumbfounded demeanor, she has amazing grades.  She attended the same high school as Cherry and Sena.  


Random Facts:  Kaira loves to play and loves to compete.  She is on Toriyama's prestigious tennis team, and has high hopes for the future.  She has a knack for making friends, and as such, has great networking skills.  One important thing to notice is that Kaira makes it a point to hang out with Cherry and Sena as often as possible, for they know a terrible secret about her. 





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