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About Jenn



                                 Full Name~ Masters, Jenn (surname first)

                                 Stats~  Power:  * ~ ****

                                              Speed:   **

                                              Smarts:  ****

                                              Spirit:   ***

                                              Lucky:   ***



Special Ability:  Psionic Wave blast~ Jenn has the ability to fire a certain type of chi from her body.  Her chi blasts have wave-like attributes, and rather than doing tangible damage, it causes the recipient differing types of mental and bodily stress.


Bio:  Jenn is a transfer student who began studying at Toriyama University the same year as Cherry and Kaira, and plans to finish her degree there.  She is from the USA and is Kaira's roommate.  Ever since moving to Japan, she has become somewhat queit and recluse, but hanging out with Kaira and Cherry has made her more social.  


Random Facts:  simliar to Yuri, her right eye is rarely seen, as her bangs cover it up.  She grew her hair out so that her bangs would be long enough to hide some of the freckles on her face, as she is extremely self conscious about them.  Along with her freckles, she gets upset about how short she is.  She's usually pretty stoic, but has a fierce temper when her freckles or height are mentioned.



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